Find out how to explore the way each constraint operates

Basic principles

TourSolver features a comprehensive catalogue of business constraints that can be configured to handle the range of data components you use:

  • sites
  • resources
  • visits

Inline help is associated to each TourSolver constraint in the settings interface.

In addition, a Toursolver constraints reference guide illustrates each constraint with an example of how it is used so you can see how it works in practice.


From the user interface

Each constraint can be configured via the My activity > Manage my sites, My resources and My visits pages (or other terms as customised in the My activity page) so it displays an information icon (in grey).

A click on the icon displays a help popup presenting:

  • the constraint’s name and function
  • the format you need to use
  • one or several examples of data, if necessary
  • interactions or incompatibilities between this constraint and other TourSolver constraints

Sometimes the information icon displays in blue to draw your attention to an interaction between constraints that have already been configured, to help you configure any interdependent constraints correctly.

From the constraints documentation

In addition to in-application help, you can consult the TourSolver constraints reference guide in the documentation supplied.

TourSolver constraints documentation

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