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// to your platform. Simply.

Simplify life for your users by making route optimization central to your ERP, CRM, TMS, WMS, FMS applications ...

* and also maps, geocoding and many other benefits! ! Find out more about our Geoptimization API


Put route optimization at the heart of your application.

Offer your users the unique experience of Geoptimization and deliver practical solutions all in one go!

Simplicity and completeness in one API

The TourSolver REST API provides easy integration of a call-up service to optimize routes and retrieve results. Webhooks can be configured so results are automatically collected once the optimization has completed. Fast and easy to implement.

Full range of web services

A variety of web services fulfil all your route optimization requirements:

  • Start optimization
  • Track optimization status
  • Stop optimization
  • Retrieve optimization results overall, or route by route
  • Webhooks can be configured to automate retrieval of optimization results.

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API clients

Libraries client side are provided for adaptation to your application context:

  • JavaScript
  • Java XML
  • C# / .net

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APIs for every area of geoptimization

If you require additional services:

  • address geocoding
  • mapping
  • route calculation
  • search around
  • calculation of isochrones or isodistances
  • and much more...

Boost your TourSolver experience with our geoptimization API.

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API documentation

Two levels of integration

Once TourSolver is integrated in your application:

  • Use the API to send data to TourSolver requesting optimization of all routes, then track progress of the optimization and retrieve results
  • If required, automate retrieval of optimization results in your application by configuring a webhook

Next, choose the results restitution mode best suited to your users’ needs:

API + TourSolver: exploit your results in TourSolver

  • Your users can consult optimization results directly via TourSolver, using the same user account as the one used via the API. They can then edit or consolidate the results and validate them
  • A specific export allows you to retrieve the consolidated results in your application, by configuring a webhook

TourSolver: fully integrated in your application

  • Integrate restitution of optimization results at the heart of your application, via an iFrame configured for TourSolver
  • Authentication using a token

Caters for all the business-specific constraints your users might need

Tried and tested over more than 20 years, TourSolver offers all you need to satisfy your users’ route optimization needs so they in turn can streamline business processes:

Managing resources

Define operating criteria for your mobile teams (delivery, sales, technical or other staff):

  • Vehicle
  • Planning
  • Route
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Costs
  • Nights away
  • Driving legislation

Managing visits

Whether you need to organise deliveries or pick-ups, sales visits, technical interventions or other kinds of services, all your end customer details will be to hand:

  • Location, visit dates and times
  • Regular visit frequencies
  • Quantities
  • Assignments
  • ...

Managing sites

When managing sites, depots or branches, all the information you need are handled:

  • Location, opening days and times
  • Site management (assignment or exclusion of resources, compatibility with resources, availability, priority)
  • Stock control at the depot (initial quantities, available space, loading or unloading times)

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All our geoptimization APIs at your service

Do you need services over and above optimization?

Some fifteen web services cover the full range of requirements:

  • Address geocoding (individually or in batches)
  • Reverse geocoding (of a position to an address)
  • Display a map
  • Itinerary or matrix calculation
  • Search around
  • Calculate isochrones/isodistances
  • ... and many more!

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Whatever the application you are using...

… integrate route optimization within it so users can reap the benefits: ERP, CRM, TMS, WMS, FMS...

Whatever your business...

The TourSolver API meets every requirement with its extensive catalogue of business constraints. Optimize delivery and pick-up rounds, sales visits, technical interventions, medical visits, etc.).

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International coverage

The TourSolver API provides coverage for 224 countries worldwide, providing route optimization in every continent!

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TourSolver: Geoptimization. Simply.

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