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 Frequently Asked Questions

TourSolver fundamentals

What's new in TourSolver Cloud?

What are the capabilities of the mobile app for the resources on the field?

How secure and confidential are my data?

Where are my data hosted?

Which countries are supported?

Which languages are supported?

Which browsers are compatible?

What is TourSolver's handling capacity?

Where is the TourSolver Cloud API Documentation?

What is the URL to access the TourSolver Cloud API?

Getting started with TourSolver

How can I obtain a trial version?  

How can I create an account?

Can I try using TourSolver even if I have no data?

How can I get the full version?

How can I change language version?

What constraints are handled in TourSolver?

How can I compare my routes with the optimized solutions found by TourSolver?

How can I manage my sites and depots?

How can I import descriptive fields on visits?

Understanding and configuring TourSolver constraints

General points

Should I use relative days or dates?


How to configure a start time for resources?
How to configure lunch breaks for my resources?
How to configure several time windows on one day?
Why has the Daily working hours constraint not been taken into account?


How can I prevent visiting schedules from slipping?
How can I manage customer opening times?

Optimization results

What are route dates?

 TourSolver Cloud Help

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Create an account

Home page - first login

Home page once TourSolver has performed at least one optimization

TourSolver Help menu

My activity

My activity

Managing sites or depots

Site or depot constraints reference guide

My resources

My resources

Resources constraints reference guide

My visits

My visits - Data import and association

My visits - Locating addresses to visit on a map

Visits constraints reference guide

Optimization and exporting the results

Route optimization computation

Interpreting the optimization results

Optimization results  

Modifying a simulation manually

Exporting the optimized route plan

Route fulfilment and the TourSolver Mobile app

Configuring the TourSolver Mobile app

Fulfilment page

App mobile reference guide 

Managing simulations / Preferences

Managing simulations

TourSolver Preferences

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