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 Frequently Asked Questions

TourSolver fundamentals

> What's new in TourSolver (Release notes)?
> How secure and confidential are my data?
> Where are my data hosted?
> How long will my route optimizations be stored?
> Which countries are supported?
> Which languages are supported?
> Which browsers are compatible?
> What is TourSolver's handling capacity?
> What modes of transport are handled in TourSolver?
> How can I get the TourSolver API?
> Where is the TourSolver Cloud API Documentation?

Getting started with TourSolver

> How can I obtain a trial version?  
> How can I create an account?
> Can I try using TourSolver even if I have no data?
> How can I get the full version?
> How can I change language version?
> What speeds will be applied in itinerary calculations?
> How can I compare my routes with the optimized solutions found by TourSolver?
> How can I manage my sites and depots?
> How can I import descriptive fields on visits?
> What do symbols signify on the map?

Exploring and using TourSolver mobile app

> What are the capabilities of the mobile app for the resources on the field?
> How to configure, use, and interact with the TourSolver mobile app?
> Is the TourSolver mobile app available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad?
> How can I see which version of TourSolver mobile app is installed?
> How can I update TourSolver mobile app?
> How can I reset a link to a maps app under Android?
> What are my obligations if I activate tracking?

Understanding and configuring TourSolver constraints

General points

> What constraints are handled in TourSolver?
> Find out how to explore the way each constraint operates
> Should I use relative days or dates?
> How can I shape my routing solutions?


> How to configure a start time for resources?
> How to configure lunch breaks for my resources?
> How can I define different departure and arrival points?
> How to configure several time windows on one day?
> How can I adjust the speed of my vehicles?
> Why has the Daily working hours constraint not been taken into account?


> How can I prevent visiting schedules from slipping?
> How can I manage customer opening times?
> How can I define my visit priorities?
> How can I handle deliveries and pickups in the same route?

Optimization results

> Why do I have "Visit waiting times" in my planning?
> What are route dates?

 TourSolver Help

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Create customer account / Login / Home / Help menu

> Create an account

> Home page - first login

> Home page once TourSolver has performed at least one optimization

> TourSolver Help menu

My activity

> My activity

> Managing sites or depots

> Site or depot constraints reference guide

My resources

> My resources

> Resources constraints reference guide

My visits

> Data import and association

> Location and sectorization of addresses to visit on a map

> Visits constraints reference guide

Optimization and exporting the results

> Route optimization computation

> Indicators screen on completion of an optimization

> Optimization results  

> Modifying a simulation manually

> Adding visits after route optimization

> Exporting the optimized route plan

> Exporting routes to TomTom WEBFLEET

Route fulfilment and the TourSolver mobile app

> Configuring the TourSolver mobile app

> Fulfilment page

> App mobile reference guide

Managing simulations / Preferences

> Managing simulations

> User menu

 TourSolver Cloud API Documentation

Click on this button to access the TourSolver Cloud API Documentation:

API Documentation

See also:

> How can I get the TourSolver API?