User menu

Basic principles

The User menu provides access to functions linked to your account. It is located at the top right of the TourSolver interface.

Before clicking on this menu, an infobox reminds you of the current user account information deployed to login to TourSolver, displaying:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Identification email address for the current TourSolver user account


Click on the User icon to unroll the menu providing access to the following functions:

  • My preferences
  • My TourSolver license
  • General Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Logout

My preferences

The Preferences page allows you to configure options specific to your user account.

This page allows you:

  • to change the language used in the application interface. The language used in the application may therefore differ from the Internet browser language used
  • to configure the measurement system used when performing optimizations
  • administration of automated emails sent on completion of each route optimization
  • to highlight consecutive working time durations that are too long
  • choose or not a new display for the results page
  • configure the maximum number of visits per route
  • configure keyboard shortcuts (cf. illustration below)

Changing language version in TourSolver

When you create your TourSolver user account, the application uses - by default - the language of the internet browser used. 

To change the language version of TourSolver:

  1. click on the icon at the top right of the TourSolver menu bar
  2. select the Preferences function
  3. in the User Preferences window, select the language for the interface, the default language applied being that of the browser currently in use.
  4. click on  to apply the change of language version.

 To find out which language versions of TourSolver are available, click here.

Configuring the measurement system

Several measurement systems are available in TourSolver so you can choose which of the standard units currently in use are deployed in the application:

  • Metric System (IS) - (km)
  • British Imperial (mi)
  • US (mi)

The Metric System uses kilometers, while the British Imperial and US systems use the mile, with a conversion unit that is actually different (1 British Imperial mile = 1.609341 kms, whereas 1 US mile = 1.609347 kms).
The Metric System is configured by default.

End of optimization automated emails

The Send me a mail after optimization parameter, when enabled, sends an email to the address used to log-in to TourSolver to advise you that an optimization has completed. When disabled, this parameter cancels any sending of emails on completion of optimization.

Highlighting consecutive working periods that are too long

This functionality highlights routes that exceed permitted timespans that conform with drive-time regulations. These routes are colored red in the Gantt chart on the Optimization page. Activating this option allows you access to an interface in which you can specify:

  • Whether or not to take visit times into account in addition to journey times within the calculation of total duration that is compared to the threshold duration specified (when this is enabled, working days that are too long will be highlighted, as against the highlighting of journeys that are too long when this parameter is not activated)
  • The threshold duration for a working duration or a journey duration considered too long.

This threshold duration is used as the limit over and above which the consecutive working time is considered too long and is flagged up on the results page.

My TourSolver License

The My TourSolver License displays all the characteristics of your current user license.

Details recalled here are as follows:

  • your Identifier: the email address with which you are logged into TourSolver
  • your Version of TourSolver (Trial, Standard or Premium)
  • the Maximum authorised number of resources in TourSolver
  • the Expiration date of your license

General Terms and Conditions of Use

This function opens a link to the page on the TourSolver website documenting the General Terms and Conditions of Use for the application.


This function closes your current user session and returns you to the TourSolver Login page.

Happy TourSolving!

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