Release Notes - History


Find out here what has happened over time in the TourSolver application, the mobile app and the API:

Version TourSolver Winter 21

Release date: 04/11/2020

 Optimize your Outlook 365 contacts

« As a sales representative, I want to optimize my routes based on my outlook directory in order to stay in my office environment. »

In this version we have added a native connector to Outlook 365.

It allows to:

  • Import Outlook contacts
  • See them on a map
  • Manage their territory
  • Optimize them
  • Integrate the steps of your routes in the Outlook calendar.

This feature will suit the mobile sales people in your organization. Feel free to tell your colleagues about it: this free option for all premium license holders will save them valuable preparation time.

Importing contacts into TourSolver

This connector allows you to import all contact information (addresses, email, phone number etc...) from your Outlook folders. TourSolver allows you to enrich them with a visit time for your contacts.

Once your contacts have been imported, you will be able to use all the mapping capabilities (geocoding, thematic maps, heat maps, etc.), geographic sectorization, and route optimization of the application.

view and optimize contacts from TourSolver

Export to Outlook Calendar

When the route plan is completed you can export it directly to your Outlook calendar so that you can view it from your cell phone or from your computer.

Export your routes from TourSolver to the Outlook calendar

 New route optimization functions

New optimization engine

This version integrates a new optimization engine, capable of handling higher data volumes than the previous one, up to 2,000 visits per optimization batch. The optimization period can be > to 64 days. This engine is hosted on a high-performance computing server and is available for premium versions only.

activation of the new optimization engine

Adding a pause

Available as a standard feature, this functionality allows you to add localized breaks. Ideal if you need to stop by a garage for vehicle maintenance or to integrate an outside meeting.

Adding a pause

Locking / Unlocking visits

« As a planner I want to freeze certain visits for which I have received confirmation from my client so that they are not moved by a future optimization. »

For users of the new optimization engine, it is possible to lock visits in the schedule. This way, when you re-optimize a tour, these visits do not move.

The visit n°3 is locked in the planning

« As a planner I want to add visits to a route without unplan the visits already present, in order to integrate a last minute visit into a route plan that suits me. »

From the optimization page, when you select unplanned visits and request an optimization, the preservation mode appears and allows you to manage the optimization of unplanned visits in 3 ways:

  • No preservation: in this case your entire route plan is re-optimized (unless you have locked visits or routes)
  • Preserve the routes: all visits already in routes stay there. The order of the visits can nevertheless change. The engine tries to insert unplanned visits into existing routes.
  • Preserve the order of the routes: all the visits already in routes remain there, and the order of the visits is preserved. The engine tries to insert unplanned visits into existing routes in the right order.

This function is available with the new optimization engine

selection of one of the 3 modes of preservation following the request for optimization of unplanned visits

Enrich its lead base

« As a sales representative or auditor, I would like to report a lead from the field and synchronize it in my TourSolver customer database, in order to enrich my database ».

From TourSolver Mobile

In TourSolver mobile, there is now a "Lead" page in which you can upload information collected in the field about a new lead. Here is a list of collectable information:

  • Geographical position,
  • Name,
  • Pictures,
  • Contact information (phone, email etc...)

From the TourSolver customer page 

The lead thus created can then be consulted in the TourSolver Customer page and visualized on a map. This page is accessible to the Premium license.

Enhancements to the sectorization functionalities

New algorithms

This version of TourSolver, allows you to integrate numerical fields from your dataset (quantity, duration etc...) in order to take them into account as balancing criteria for your sectors.

On the other hand, it includes new sectorization algorithms: "balancing site" and "Nearest" sectorization, which take into account a geographical connection (depot, agency, etc.) in the constitution of sectors.

Export your routes from TourSolver to Outlook Calendar

Make routes based on sector codes

« As a planner I work with sector (geographic) codes. I want to represent these sectors on a map and design routes within these territories, in order to assign drivers to the sectors they are used to working in and where they perform best. »

If you want to start from your current geographical sectorization, you can import a "Sector" field that TourSolver will interpret as the territory assignment.

Assign the sector field of your file to the sector field of the TourSolver model.

Exporting my sectorization

« As a planner, I want to export the sectorization I have done in TourSolver in order to share it with colleagues or to integrate it into my information systems. »

During the validation of the sectorization, we provided an export button to export an Excel file with the attribution of each client to a sector and a summary of each sector.

Excel export and optimization of a sectorization scenario

 Improvements in SMS tracking

In this version, let's make your SMS consumption directly visible. We have created a list of SMS sent with their status. You will be able to control the good reception of the SMS by your recipients.

list of sms sent and their status, in green the "delivered" sms.

 Improvements in user management

Activation by batch

We have added batch activation and deactivation features that allow you to perform these operations more quickly.

Note: From now on, when you create a user the email notification is no longer sent directly. It is only sent when the account has been explicitly activated by the administrator.

Activate button in a user list

New rights

We have added 3 new rights that allow an administrator to hide configuration or action screens:

  • Manage resources: when disabled, the user does not see the "Resource" page.
  • Manage Depot: when disabled, the user does not see the "Depot" page.
  • Import clients: when disabled, the user does not see the import function in the client page.

Connection tracking indicators

« As an administrator I want to measure the adoption rate of TourSolver by users in order to launch communication or training campaigns ».

To measure the level of adoption of TourSolver by your teams, we have added columns in the "Users" page giving the total number of connections per user over different periods of time. We also measure the number of imported visits and the number of optimized simulations.

Ergonomic improvements

We have revised some of the screens of the optimization process and some views of the optimization page to ensure more clarity and customization.

A redesign of the optimization process interface

The optimization performance monitoring graph has been revised. You can load up to 2 criteria in parallel and view the progress trends on each indicator.

see the details of the optimization during calculation

Tips during optimization

From now on, when you launch an optimization, you will see tips and tips as well as excerpts from blog posts. This will allow you to speed up your use and identify useful features you didn't know about.

Go to the following tip and click on a link


A customizable dashboard of optimization results

At the end of optimization, each user needs to see the indicators that speak to him. In this version, we also allow you to customize the display of the optimization results in a completely revised and adaptable dashboard.

modify indicators in the dashboard

Gantt view redesign

The Gantt view changes style! Each line takes the color of its tour in the map to be identified more quickly. For better readability we indicate the order number in the tour of each visit rather than the name of the recipient. Locked tours now appear in bold with the "*" symbol.

representation of routes in "Gantt" mode

Improved map navigation

A button in the map allows you to re-center the map on the right-of-way of your visits. This will save you from having to zoom out several times before getting an overview of your activities.

On the other hand, we have added new interactions between the turned panel and the map. From now on, when you click on a tour, the map is centered on the target route. If you click on "show only this route", the map centers on the target tour and hides the other routes.

An overview on the map and interactions with modified routes

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Version TourSolver Summer 2020

Release date: 04/06/2020



This version features a more compact and modular optimization page.
We have reduced:

  • the width of the scroll bars,
  • the height of the lines in tables,
  • the filter height.

The gain in useful space is of the order of 25%.
We have optimized the visual load by displaying rapid action buttons only at the time the cursor moves over target zones.

In this version, you can now aggregate panels in the form of tabs so you can increase their height and lighten up on the work space.

You can also adapt the column width in each of the tables in one of two modes: fit to data or wrap text (insert a carriage return in the text). These two options are configurable from the ‘Customize the list’ function.

In the map, we have combined the various map background buttons in one, comprehensive, layer management button.

Also, from this place in the page, you can now hide/display the first and last route itineraries, and the localization of resources.

Improvements in the Optimization page

Faster searches in the map

To speed up searching in the map, we have integrated an address autocomplete service so you can find full address details faster than ever. You can also create a new visit from the same place.

Advanced selection tool

We have added to the «freehand mode» that already exists, an incremental click-and-select mode and a mode by circle that calculates the radius in kilometers, which is useful to quickly estimate distances as the crow flies between 2 points.

Configure a start time for each single optimization

It is now possible to force the start time for a route created using the «route ordering» function. If you want to leave it to the solver to choose the optimum start time, this is still possible by simply deleting the default time suggested.

Improvements in the Geocoding page

Address display by geocoding quality

So you can identify the quality of customer and/or visit addresses more rapidly, we have represented them using color coding allowing you to see at a glance the addresses that will need fine tuning in terms of repositioning on the map. The legend is the one used in the geocoding report.

Configuring the geocoding tolerance threshold

Some of you have requested the option to configure the geocoding error tolerance threshold. Under preferences, you can edit this using the following guiding principle: the higher the score, the more exacting the geocoder will be, and the fewer of the lower quality addresses will be geocoded with precision.

Improvements in the Resources page

Localize resources on the map

From the "resource" page, you can now see the localization of resources. Clicking on a team, all resources in that team will display. Finally, clicking on one resource in particular, the departure and arrival points on the map are displayed.


Improvements in the My activity page

New, business-specific, terminology

With new users of TourSolver arriving in our community, we have integrated new terminology that is more closely aligned with mainstream business activities!

 New features

More visualization tools for improved comprehension

In this version, we are putting new visualization tools at your disposal, so that useful indicators to help with your scheduling activities rapidly come to hand.

A multi-criterion heat map

«As a planner, I want to see the areas where my business activity is concentrated so I can better manage the distribution of our drivers.»

You can now display a heat map showing the geographic density of visits, but also visit duration or quantities to deliver (where these have been imported).

Distinguishing between customer types on the map

«As a sales rep, I want to see my priority customers appear in red and the others in orange or blue, so I can see which are which when preparing my routes.»

«As a controller, I want to display customers that I haven’t seen for over a month in blue on the map, so I can build my next routes around them.»

All these fine-tuning preferences can now be set up easily in this new version. You can now activate color markers in the map. The map color coding will match that applied in the visit table.

Identifying logistical weak points thanks to analysis reports

«As a routing scheduler I want to be able to compare my delivery time commitments with the availability of my drivers so I can see which times during the day need extra team resourcing.»

In this version, we are providing a report that specifically allows you to compare your commitments (the number of working hours per visit time window for your various customers) with your means (availability of vehicles).

This will help you identify the times when resources are insufficient, so you can contact a subcontractor or switch on overtime hours for staff to increase your availability/resourcing.

Managing the customer database *

360° vision on customer data at all times

«As a route scheduler, I want to be able to import my customer database once and for all so I don’t have to reimport my visit file each time I run a simulation.»

To optimize your data treatments in TourSolver, it is now possible to integrate your customer database. In terms of volume, you will be able to integrate more than 100.000 customers. This page can be activated via the user preferences.

Importing business data

«I know that the "2020 Activity" field from my database is not directly used by TourSolver, but I would like to be able to import it, because it helps me to set up filters and schedule within the tool.»

In this version, you can now create custom fields. These fields can be used at the time of the import or update of your customer data.

Visualizing and editing data for each customer

You can now handle business constraints and information useful to the scheduling for each individual customer. Some of these information items are automatically updated via the mobile application, such as, last visit date, or the next visit date.

Other information items are updated via direct notifications from customers (satisfaction level, comments, or other updates...).

* Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact GEOCONCEPT SAS or your usual dealer for more information.

Managing access accounts securely for an infinite number of colleagues and staff! *

As an administrator, would you like to invite colleagues to work on TourSolver? Do you need to secure your data by attributing limited access to certain accounts? Or again, handle the attribution of your licenses? All this is now possible with this version.

Attributing an account to your colleagues

You can now attribute an account to access the TourSolver application to any member of your company or institution, without any upper limit to the number of accounts. Creating a user will send an email to all colleagues and staff so they can, in turn, create their own passwords so confidentiality is assured.

Handling roles for each user

It is not always necessary to have access to all functions in an application. Now, as an administrator, you can attribute roles to users so they can only see information relating to planning, fulfilment, administration, etc.

Filtering data by user, and attributing licenses thanks to "organizations"

In this version, we have also created organizations, which allow you to filter data (customers, resources, simulations) by user. These enable an administrator to handle their license capital and attribute a maximum of optimizable resources.

* Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact GEOCONCEPT SAS or your usual dealer for more information.

Improving your recipients’ service experience and providing the means for them to send you feedback! *

We have enriched the communication options for exchanges between your scheduling services and service end users. This is because we believe that improving two-way communication can:

  • increase visit fulfilment rates,
  • speed up the service delivered to customers,
  • provide avenues for enhancing your logistical strategy through customer satisfaction information gathering.
"Configure the ETA page" redesign

In this version, "Configure the ETA page" is now referred to as "Configure customer experience pages", It consists of a general tab, and a series of other tabs handling the configurations for each page.

Addition of a new "Visit notice" page

This page warns the delivery recipient that their visit is imminent, according to the time window configured via the "Configure outgoing email or SMS" page. The link to this page is sent at the time routes are communicated in the optimization page.

Sending a visit report created in TourSolver Mobile directly in the end of visit page

If this option is activated in the configuration, you can transmit to recipients any photographs taken by the driver or technician. Also, for each field in the TS Mobile report, we have added an option to communicate the information directly to the customer.

Setting up a questionnaire in the end of delivery page

In this version, you can now create a questionnaire that can be displayed in the end of visit page. The responses are then visible in the TourSolver fulfilment page.

Ergonomics in notification pages

We have added a progress thread to show the user where the delivery or service has got to in the delivery chain. Also, we have added margins, line breaks, and realigned some blocks to improve legibility and presentation of the information to view.

* Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact GEOCONCEPT SAS or your usual dealer for more information.

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Version TourSolver Winter 2020

Publication date:  28/11/2019

 TourSolver New features

With more than 20 new features, and as many improvements, this version really enhances the user experience and its core business of route optimization!


New authentication page

A new authentication page is now available. This new functionality is not a simple user interface change but a real account security strengthenings, as soon as this version is published, an email will be sent to you to update your login and password of your account.

Default activation of the new optimization page

The new optimization page is now enabled by default when you log in. We invite you to use it, as the old one Will be out from the next TourSolver’s version.

A step-by-step application to guide you to discover the latest TourSolver’s version’s strength

TourSolver includes a guidance application in this new version. This is an animated tutorial, which will take you step by step through the application to complete a task.

The application can be activated via a button constantly available in the footer (bottom left). It will allow you to start the user guides such as "How to optimize? How to take into account traffic jams, how to remove a deposit?"

This version includes up to 20 guides, the availability of the guides depends on the level of license acquired.


Existing routes mode

From the Routes menu, a new action is available: to display the original routes. To achieve this new functionality, from the field mapping stage, it is recommended to active previously the following evaluation mode fields: day number, the assigned resource, the order of the route.

Reverse the direction of a route

From the Route menu, a new action is available that will allow you to switch the direction of a route.

Undo/redo an action

It is now possible to return or redo (undo/redo) an action via two buttons accessible in the top menu of the page. Those buttons will allow you to come back to a handling error, for example.

Creating keyboard shortcuts

In this version we allow you to accelerate your experience in TourSolver using Keyboard shortcuts that allow you to launch an optimization in 2 actions for example. These shortcuts are written next to the function names, and if they don't fit you, you can edit them from the preference page!

Choose the right warehouse to be included in the optimization.

The optimization window has been improved! You can review the optimization period by defining a start and an end. And it is now possible to select a depot to include in the optimization.

Customize the Excel export

In this version, it is possible to customize the export of your Excel files. How? After clicking on the export button, you just have to click on the configuration button and then activate the customization of the fields.
You will be able to choose which fields to remove or add.


List of simulations

We have completely reviewed the ergonomics of the simulation list. Several actions are now possible, you can duplicate simulations, compare them or validate them from the Action button.
From another perspective, the customization table and conditional coloring functions are both available in all other TourSolver tables.

Compare simulations

By selecting at least 2 simulations you can now compare the criteria (distance, driving time, working time etc...) of your choices using histograms, curves or radars.


The export of visits in the "Realization" section contains an "Image" tab where photos taken via TourSolver Mobile are stored.

Customer experience notification

An end of visit page to evaluate the quality of the service is now available. It is fully customizable (adding your logo, relevant fields, text color)

We have also enriched the ETA view, you can now display the traffic in real time, in order to better understand the driver's approach!

In addition to SMS, it is finally possible to send these two pages through an e-mail

New optimization algorithm!

Either on Demand or included into the Beta version, you can discover our new route optimization algorithm, which allows you to manage larger volumes of data in less time and other constraints.


In recent months we have carried out user tests to optimize the interface in order to make your daily work easier.

We have thus added patience after a modification from the map or from the panels. The backup has been simplified (no more need to backup before launching a manual optimization).

We have moved the export button directly to the top menu, which is more directly accessible.

It is now possible to add a Description by clicking on the Edit Simulation button

The optimization button is directly accessible

We have added action buttons on the GANTT chart, which allow you to select to have a glance or lock a route.

The drag and drop on the map is now more visible, as we highlight the part of the route where the visit will actually be inserted.

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Version 6.0

Publication date: 11/07/2019 - Update 28/08/2019

 TourSolver New features

  • After a few months of intense work, the TourSolver team is pleased to offer you the TourSolver 6.0 version (beta) which combines the appearance of an interactive ETA page and a redesign of the result page.
    To activate the latter, go to the preferences. It will be necessary to click on "Use the new Beta result page".


Graphic modularity
  • As a regular user of TourSolver, you want to maximize your working comfort by picking up the map on your secondary screen? It is now possible! Each panel in the page can be hidden, enlarged, resized and above all detachable to ensure complete modularity.

  • To activate the function, click on the icon representing a screen in the footer of the page.

  • From here, you can: go back, reset the display, reload hidden panels (by dragging the tiles to the frame), and finally disable the function


  • When this modular mode is activated, the panel header is enhanced with action buttons to: detach, minimize, enlarge and a panel on the side. Tip: by clicking on this header you can drag the panel to the place of your choice

Visit view
  • We have added a "visit" panel in which you can:
    1. Perform multi-criteria searches, via a filter bar
    2. Save the filters of your choice or load default filters
    3. Check at a glance the number of objects in the panel or the number of objects selected.
    4. Select visits from the visit view or from the map
    5. Finally a total line will give you the sum, the minimum, maximum of the selected objects

  • Still with the objective of improving the customization of the interface, it is now possible to color the lines of your visit table in order to better see the important elements for your planning.

  • Colouring is done simply by creating a dedicated filter.

  • With this version, it is possible to optimize on selections of visits and resources, which offers more flexibility in the construction of your route plans. To do this, it will be necessary to select (from the map or the visit view) the orders you want to optimize, then click on the button Optimize

  • In a second step you can select the desired resources and working days.

  • This version of TourSolver features a new and very flexible optimization engine. This is the Single route scheduling. You select visits, and launch the creation of a route. The engine does not affect a vehicle and does not control the volume but it calculates the optimal scheduling of visits taking into account the opening hours of your customers, and this in less than 4 seconds!

Route view
The view of the routes has also been enriched, you will find
  1. A list view
  2. A Gantt view
  3. It is possible to detail the routes to see the stops
  4. The view also includes the total or selected number of routes
  5. Finally, a lock allows you to block all routes that you consider "validated" and that you do not want to put back into optimization.

  • With this version, it is possible to manually assign or disassign a route to a mobile resource. During assignment a constraint check is then performed by TourSolver, and the user can force the constraint if desired.

  • From the Action drop-down list, it is also possible to lock/unlock a route, delete it or reoptimize the route. This last option returns the route to the optimization engine which recalculates the route according to the constraints expressed
Map view

The icons in the map view have been modified. It is also possible to search for a place or address from the map. Via the button Search

ETA (estimated arrival of time)

In this version we offer you a new interactive and fully customizable version of ETA

What is ETA? This is the estimated travel time that takes into account real-time traffic. An accident occurs on your driver's route: the travel time is automatically recalculated to update this estimated arrival time. In recent years, the general public has become aware of this function, particularly with the Waze application. The approach here is enriched by GEOCONCEPT. On the one hand, it is fully integrated into TourSolver. As soon as your routes are validated, a message is automatically sent to the recipients to be delivered. On the other hand, GEOCONCEPT stands out from other consumer applications because its ETA takes into account the size of your vehicle fleet (utility, 33-ton truck, carrier, etc.).

TourSolver had already implemented such an approach by integrating fixed ETA into sending SMS messages. In this version, the user experience has been improved, the user now receives a link by SMS that redirects to a dedicated page. This contains a map to locate the vehicle and also a dynamic update of the estimated time of arrival. Finally the page is customizable. You can integrate your company logo, specific colours and much more information!

* Available in PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact GEOCONCEPT SAS or your usual reseller for more information

 Enhancements in TourSolver


  • A deplanning status allows you to deplan a visit of a route directly from the visit view.
  • It is now possible to modify the form of a visit.


  • It is possible to assign a resource to a site directly without having to enter the address of the starting point or to arrive.
  • You can now delete all the resources of a team without having to delete the team as well
  • When you fly over the team name, you can see the number of resources of a team.


  • A "manual" button allows to enter a simulation without optimization
  • It is possible to delete all non-geocoded visits before starting the optimization.

 TourSolver mobile app New features

TourSolver app version 3.0

  • No new features

  TourSolver API New features

TourSolver API version 6.0

  • No new features

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Version 5.3

Publication date: 28/02/2019

 TourSolver New features

My Preferences

  • This new function lets you configure the units of measurement used in the application. Until now, metres were used as standard, but now you can work in American or Imperial measures.

My visits

  • Controlling the quality of the geolocation of your visits is simpler than ever! To help you, we have added graphics summarising the geocoding quality of your addresses.

My Activity

  • You can now edit and manage by-pass zones! What does this mean in practice? It means being able to design routes that avoid road sections or geographic zones that are temporarily blocked or congested.
    For example, a street market, road works, or a thoroughfare that is blocked for an event (demonstration, sporting event, street carnival etc).

  • As a TourSolver user, you can draw your own zones to avoid or by-pass.

  • But that’s not all! TourSolver also allows you to specify the vehicle type concerned by the route blockage: clearly, partial closure of a road due to roadworks will not have the same impact on passability for a motorbike as for a 33-ton lorry!

  • Finally, zones can be activated or de-activated rapidly via a dedicated interface.

* Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact GEOCONCEPT SAS or your usual sales contact for more information.   

  • A new function will allow you to edit (create, modify, delete) your vehicle profiles via the interface.

 * Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact GEOCONCEPT SAS or your usual sales contact for more information.   


  • In this version, the way you view how vehicles are loaded in terms of goods and/or equipment is much improved. Each quantity is now symbolised on a colour-bar graph, so a quick glance is all that is required to assess the profitability of trip. A vehicle that is well-filled will usually be a vehicle that is operating profitably.  

  • Now you can also Add pauses in TourSolver, and edit them quickly and easily via a dedicated screen…

This is then added to your planning.   

  • To make it easy to view your routes, we have added a function that allows you to display and mask all your routes.

  • To make it easier to interpret your route data, we have added a function that will highlight all routes exceeding a working time threshold (on the road and/or while on a visit).  


  • A new view will appear in the «fulfilment» menu, so now you can see all the stages of fulfilment in planning mode

  • Another new feature in this version is that in fulfilment tracking view, the stops for which you are delayed or late are now highlighted.

 TourSolver mobile app New features

TourSolver app version 2.0

  • No new features

  TourSolver API New features

TourSolver API version 5.3

  • No new features

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Version 5.2

Publication date: 15/11/2018

 TourSolver New features

    Configuration menu

    • New function to configure sending an email to all end-customers to be visited. The email configuration is designed so you can easily set up automated sending of an email to each customer to be visited notifying them of the next planned visit time window.

    • New function to configure sending an SMS* notifying end customers to be visited. The SMS configuration is designed to set up automated sending of an SMS to each customer to be visited to notify them of:
      • the planned visit time window
      • the imminent arrival of the resource (communicating the Estimated Arrival Time or ETA).

    * Available as an option in TourSolver: this option will allow the sending of messages to be invoiced on a pro rata basis with regard to the number of text messages sent. Contact GEOCONCEPT SAS, or your technical sales contact person for further information.


    • Systematic display throughout the application of a control function so you can select the map layers to view (map, satellite, terrain, map+traffic, satellite+traffic, transports). This enables personalisation of the map background to be displayed in addition to operations data present in the map (sites, resources, sectorization, visits, routes, fleet tracking). This new feature concerns the following pages: My Activity > Manage sites, My Resources, Optimization, Fulfilment.

    Address geolocation

    • Throughout the application, each time an address is geolocated, access to a Google Street View is provided for the purpose of validating the precise address geolocation

    My Activity page

    • New means of transport: 11 transportation methods suggested, including the new cyclist mode, access to associated characteristics, choice of the type of fuel used
    • Handling for 4 speed profiles per road section travelled in itinerary calculations performed for the route optimization, applied according to default or custom time windows as defined (speeds during off-peak periods, at standard travelling times, peak travel periods in city centres).

      Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact your technical sales representative for more information.

    My Resources page

    • At team level, new transport modes: 11 methods of transport are suggested including the new cyclist mode, access to associated characteristics, choice of fuel used…

    My Visits page

    • Association of fields: handling for customer email addresses and mobile telephone numbers as new fields in TourSolver

    • Location > Map (geocoding results): when more than 200 visits are imported, points are displayed differently

    • Geographic sectorization on visits: geographic coverage of this functionality has been extended to include the following geographic zones:
      • South America and the Caribbean:

      • Japan:

    Optimization page

    • When the simulation is validated, emails and/or SMS* notification messages are sent to customers to be visited, depending on the configuration set up by the user.

      * Available as an option in TourSolver. This option enables, pro rata, invoicing of the specific number of SMS messages sent. Contact GEOCONCEPT SAS or your sales contact for more information about this.

      • Simulation validation: new interface for choosing which dates to export to the operational planning.

      Fulfilment page

      • Unitary addition of visits via a form (after routes have been sent to users of the mobile app)
      • Map: in the map layers manager (at the bottom right of the screen), is a differential display control providing comparative plots of planned routes versus fulfilled routes

      • Map: new display plotting tracking history data, linking points collected via a straight line calculation rather than via the itinerary calculation

      Utilisation in evaluation version

      • When using TourSolver for the first time in evaluation mode, you will only be able to access sample data for the purpose of exploring the application. A request for full access to the application must be made before you will be able to define the first customisable parameters (sites, resources…) and import the first visits file to optimise.

       Enhancements in TourSolver


      • Configuring the mobile app > Geolocation: the Automated tracking frequency parameter has been replaced by a new parameter: Tracking data synchronisation frequency

      My Visits page

      • Location: following manual correction, the geocoding table results are now updated with non-geocoded data
      • Running an optimization: it is no longer possible to select a resource declared as unavailable in the My Resources page

      Optimization page

      • Excel export: the number date format is now conserved in Excel file output
      • The message displayed when an optimization error occurs has been changed: non-saving of a simulation sourced by a faulty optimization

      License management

      • Full version expiry (Standard or Premium versions): license expiry message and the sending of a request via email.

       TourSolver mobile app New features

      TourSolver app version 2.0 (COMING SOON)

      • High frequency vehicle tracking for more comprehensive and accurate fleet tracking
      • Single-click options to accept or refuse all visits in a day

       TourSolver API New features

      TourSolver API version 5.2

      • No recent updates or changes.

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      Version 5.1

      Publication date: 09/07/2018

       TourSolver New features

        My activity page

        • Means of transport > Options > Optimization tab: new option allowing you to force, or not, association of geolocated visits to the same geographic coordinates (the same address), if these are compatible

        My visits page

        • Field association page: new interface to handle field association between imported data and fields in TourSolver
          • General view listing all imported data fields, and offering automated or manual association, or an ‘ignore’ option to use when no field association is required
          • Views enabling filtering on associated, non-associated, or ignored fields
          • Preview of imported data, field by field
          • Removal of the checkbox to select fields to take into account in TourSolver, simplifying the procedure so either association is set up directly with a field in TourSolver, or the Ignore this column option is deployed.

        Optimization page

        • Results > Indicators: when not in evaluation mode, new enriched interface presents all optimization result indicators

        • Results > Map: display of unplanned visits on the route map (taking the form of grey, numbered icons)

        • Results > Map: new visit selection tool to select from the map
          • Via a click on the visit icon in the map
          • Via consecutive clicks, while holding down SHIFT or CTRL on the keyboard
          • Using drag-and-drop with the mouse in the map to select a group of visits

        • Results > Map: reassignment of one or several visits, assigned to one or several non-assigned routes using drag-and-drop of the point in the target route from the map
          • Option to drop on a visit in the route
          • Option to drop on the route plot itself
          • Recalculation of affected routes
          • Issuing of alerts when constraints are not respected (time windows, capacities)

        • Results > Map: tool enabling display of an infobox when you click on a route (route plot) in the map

        • Results > Map: via the Infobox tool, when you click on a visit (numbered map pin) in the map, selection of the visit in other parts of the page (list, planning) and display of the visit data in the Information pane

        • Results > Map: via the Infobox tool, when you click on a visit that is non-assigned in the map, display of visit data in the Information pane.

        • Results > Toolbar > Add visits: single visits can now be added via a visit creation form

        • Results > Planning: display of nights away in the Gantt diagram

        Fulfilment page

        • Fleet tracking: geolocation and tracking data history now retrieved from the TourSolver mobile app, stored for a legal duration of one year following data collection, along with all accompanying data sourced by a validated simulation*
        • Map view > Map options: new option to enable/disable logging of the geolocation data history for data represented in the map*

        • Map view: optional representation of geolocation or tracking data collected from the TourSolver mobile app*

           * Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact your technical sales representative for more information. NB: this functionality does not, at the time of writing, handle time zone changes.

          User menu

          • My preferences: new option to enable/disable automatic sending of emails on completion of a route optimization

          • New General Terms and Conditions of Use in the User menu, replacing the My TourSolver License command and providing access to the general terms and conditions of use for TourSolver

          User interface, ergonomics

          • New user interface allowing you to input times via the Clock icon

           Enhancements in TourSolver

          Create / validate an user account

          • Account validation: there is no longer any need to re-enter the user’s email address

          My resources page

          • Improved distinction between the input of times and the input of durations
          • Handling for worked days for a period of more than 64 days, compatible with the 64-day maximum filter for a period to optimize
          • Improvements in editing resource constraints as inherited from constraints set for the team they belong to:
            • Option to edit a constraint inherited from the team to complete it, without having to enter it again, for example on constraints as follows:
              • Characteristics
              • Worked days
              • Depot compatibility
            • Improved over-writing facility for redefining values on constraints inherited from the team to which the resource belongs, during the editing operation

          My visits page

          • Geocoding results page > statistics: addition of a Close button in addition to the X icon at the top right of the window

          Optimization page

          • Results > Information on the selection > Route(s): added to the display in the summary of durations

          • Results > List of visits > Customise list: column customisation for columns displayed in the list are now carried forward from one user session to another
          • Results: empty routes (not containing any assigned visits) are hidden by default in the list of routes + parameter to display them if necessary

          • Excel Export > Options: the option called "One sheet per route" has been renamed "One sheet per [resource]" (or another expression depending on the terminology defined under My visits)
          • Planning: improved display of visits without any fixed duration, superposed over journey times displayed also displayed in the Gantt chart

           TourSolver mobile app New features

          TourSolver app version 1.4

          • Fleet geolocation and tracking: geolocation data history can now be transmitted to TourSolver (see Fulfilment page new features above).

           TourSolver API New features

          TourSolver API version 1.4

          • Retrieval of route fulfilment data, in addition to route optimizations
          • Option to add a new visit via the API after a route optimization

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          Version 5.0

          Publication date: 04/05/2018

          TourSolver New features

          New product names

          TourSolver Cloud and the TourSolver Mobile app are now called TourSolver

          TourSolver Cloud API is now called TourSolver API

          Geographic coverage

          TourSolver is now supported for 230 countries: that's more than 7.2 billion inhabitants!
          In addition countries, users in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are now part of the TourSolver community :)

          TourSolver coverage extends therefore to (almost) the WHOLE OF PLANET EARTH!

          Countries list

          User interface

          • New menu to handle modules and functions for configuring the application and the user account, plus new icons throughout the application

          My activity page

          • Means of transport: addition of new route calculation options: fastest and shortest route calculation, avoid toll roads, bridges and tunnels

          My visits page

          • New geographic sectorization functionality to apply to a series of visits before route optimization
            • choice of team to sectorize
            • automated sectorization according to the number of resources in a team
            • balancing of sectors according to the number of visits and/or according to a balancing indicator (quantity to deliver, visit duration, etc.)
            • assisted modification of the sectorization on the basis of a geographic distribution of visits by resource or group of resources
            • assignment of sectors to one or n resources following sectorization, and taking this into account when route optimization is applied

          Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact your sales team for more information. First available only in Europe on the date of launch of TourSolver 5.0. Other continents covered by TourSolver will follow shortly. Consult the list of countries covered for more information.

          Configuration, My Resources, Exports

          • New function for exporting visits to WebFleet Solutions, with:
            • configuration for export to WebFleet Solutions
            • association of resources to a WebFleet Solutions vehicle
            • single click export of optimization results to WebFleet Solutions

           Available in the PREMIUM version of TourSolver. Contact your sales team for more information.

          • Running the optimization: simplified selection of resource/day in just one click.

          Optimization page

          • Following a geographic sectorization operation, optional display of sectors in the optimization results map.

          • Information pane: Display of fill rates on each route
          • List of visits on a route: New Reassign action to transfer the visit into another route
          • Map: increase in the default width of the map in the page
          • Modifications of routes with recalculation of routes: taking into account of new route calculation options (calculation method, toll roads, bridges, tunnels)
          • Reoptimization: simplified one-click selection of a route
          • New function to definitively delete a visit from the current simulation
          • Combined Excel export: new combined export functions of all routes in a spreadsheet and export or not of the map in the file
          • Combined Excel export: non-assigned visits stored in a dedicated tab (as for a multi-page spreadsheet export)

          Fulfilment page

          • List view > Respect for the time window: conditional coloring of effective times (declared from the mobile app) of fulfilment start/finish times, while respecting the customer visiting time window: times displayed in red when times do not fall within this time window
          • Access to resource constraints
          • Multi-route List view: Addition of an infobox for a resource when you click on the line of the relevant table
          • List view > Excel export: retrieval of tracking info reported at the start/finish of visit fulfilment from the TourSolver mobile app
          • Map view: Options button opens a new map configuration window, with option to display the name of the resource under the relevant map pin – useful when in multi-resource mode
          • Map view: Restitution of information about speed, GPS status, and battery status in the infobox of the last known position

          User menu

          • New My TourSolver license command in the User menu, giving information about your software license (expiry date, maximum number of resources…)

          Enhancements in TourSolver

          Home page

          • List of simulations: Horizontal scrollbar within a certain range of screen resolutions
          • List of simulations: possibility of Validating a simulation (for archiving) even if there is no defined current user of the mobile app

          My activity page

          • Contextual help on loading and unloading times on sites/depots
          • Means of transport: pedestrian (on foot) mode as an option only features in software available for countries where pedestrian route calculation data is available

          My resources page

          • Contextual help on loading and unloading times on resources
          • Contextual help on the Km 2 cost constraint

          My visits page

          • On running a route optimization > immediate interruption: replace the error by returning to the My visits page

          Optimization page

          • Option to Validate a simulation to place in the simulation history, even if no user of the mobile app exists
          • Period to optimize: improved handling of the combination between worked days on the part of resources on one year, and maximum filtering on 64 days over the period to optimize
          • Landing on the page if no simulation is loaded > "No optimization in progress": addition of a Return to home page button
          • Map: progressive display of data: first, numbered steps (map pins) and then routes (lines)
          • Reduction in the margins on page edges

          Fulfilment page

          • Better presentation of data in the Fulfilment page
          • Better handling for Briefings / Debriefs / Depot call-ins

          TourSolver mobile app New features

          New product name

          The TourSolver Mobile app is now called TourSolver

          TourSolver app version 1.4

          • Geolocation: sending of battery level and GPS status informations at each geolocation

          TourSolver API New features

          New product name

          TourSolver Cloud API is now called TourSolver API

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          Version 4.3

          Publication date: 01/03/2018

           TourSolver Cloud New features

          Home page

          • Information messages are now published as notifications in the home page, informing you about:
            • Current product news (new version, new functionalities...)
            • Infrastructure maintenance operations that might result in brief interruptions to the service

          • Access to a history of information messages published to date

          • List of simulations: option to rename a simulation

          My activity page

          • Optimization preferences: deletion of reloading options and reloading duration (defined in the My resources page under both teams and resources)

          • Manage sites > left-hand pane: alphanumeric sort of the list of depots
          • Manage sites: limitation throughout associated constraints to a maximum number of characters on resources’ names (Assign resources, Exclude resources)

          My resources page

          • Transport mode configurable in a manner specific to each team (overdefining of the defined mode under My activity)

          Configuration of the mobile app

          • Section Visits: new option for taking photos associated to a visit

          • Report section, listing a group of fields that could be personalised, and enabling:
            • Customisation of the visit form with fields imported from a chosen simulation (basing this on the fields of the visit file imported)
            • Creation of a customisable visit report, via the addition of fields configured so they can be entered at different moments of the visit fulfilment cycle

          Fulfilment page

          • Display of multi-resources / mono-day in the Fulfilment page (list, map and table views)

          • Fulfilment list > Customize the list: access to all the visit fields on display in the fulfilment list

          • Fulfilment table: addition of the visit infobox with a click on a visit in the table

          • Visit form: access to the visit report entered via the TourSolver Mobile app

          • Visit form: access to photos taken from the TourSolver Mobile app

          • Export in Excel format of fulfilment data: export of fields from the visit report in the file (additional columns in the table)
          • Export in Excel format of fulfilment data: visit status cells now coloured according to colour coding applied in the Fulfilment page

            Enhancements in TourSolver Cloud

            My resources page

            • Infoboxes provide contextual help, help with data entry and constraint dependencies added in version 4.2
            • List of constraints: Non-repetition in the user interface of multi-instantiated constraints (numbered)
            • Locking of constraints that are incompatible between themselves
            • Limitation throughout associated constraints to a maximum number of characters on resources’ names (Assign resources, Exclude resources)

            My visits page

            • Visit import: automated cleaning up of special inverted comma characters (") encapsulating data in Address, Town, Post code fields and duration type constraints (in HH:MM:SS format) when these are present in the imported visits file
            • Visit import: update of the visit file model to download
            • Tracking: update of the user interface in the presentation page and treatment of geocoding results
            • Tracking > Map: automatic zoom on the selected point

            Optimization page

            • Results > List > Customize the list: modification of visible/maskable fields
            • Results > List of unplanned appointments: Activation by default of the eye on all routes (Gantt diagram) to enable display of all existing routes around a series of unplanned visits to assign
            • Results > Information pane on the selection: form with tabs for display of data on resources
            • Results > Information pane on the selection: form with tabs for display of data on visits
            • Excel export of the list: specific cell format depending on the data (numeric) and format of numbers as a function of browser location

            Configuration of the mobile app

            • User interface: replacement of accordion page layout with tabs, and the popup window is replaced by a full page window

            Fulfilment page

            • Export in Excel format of fulfilment data: specific format for cells according to the data (numeric) and format of numbers as a function of browser location

             TourSolver Mobile New features

            TourSolver Mobile app version 1.3

            • Agenda > Visit form: consultable or modifiable customised fields in the visit form

            • Agenda > Visit form: customisable visit fields, to enter in the visit form and transmit to TourSolver Cloud

            • Agenda > Visit form: photos taken from the visit form, and then transmitted to TourSolver Cloud

             TourSolver Cloud API New features

            API TourSolver Cloud version 4.3

            • Integration of TourSolver Cloud in a third party application via the API in an iFrame: possible restriction on the user interface in the Optimization page, when presenting optimization results
            • Possibility of retrieving the list of resources created in the TourSolver Cloud user account

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            Version 4.2

            Publication date: 28/12/2017

             TourSolver Cloud New features

            User experience

            • Online help on parameters and constraints is now integrated in the core of the application, so popups describing each constraint (My activity > Manage sites, My resources, My visits) display as you are working.

            • Automatic controls are applied for formatting data entered, with warning messages if necessary (My activity > Manage sites, My resources, My visits)

            • Information on inter-dependencies between configured constraints in the application (My activity > Manage sites, My resources, My visits)

            My resources page

            • New constraints
              • Distances and times measured separately
              • Time measurement
                • From first visit
                • Untill last visit
              • Distance measurement
                • From first visit
                • Untill last visit
              • Global capacity
              • Use every capacity

            My visits page

            • Start the optimization: customisation of fields to display in the list of resources to use for the optimization in order to facilitate the choice or de-activation of certain resources on running the optimization (via the gear wheel icon at the top right of the list of resources)

            Optimization page

            • Presentation of the optimization results/gains enriched with new indicators

            • Automatic filtering of the planning (Gantt diagram), synchronized with the resources/days selection displayed in the list and in the map

            • Import and addition of visits to a route plan that has already been optimized: you can now add visits at the last minute to be assigned to existing routes, with calculation of impact and possible re-optimization

            • Customization of the fields displayed in the Stops list of each route

            • Access to all visit fields in the Optimization page (list of stops for each route)

            Fulfilment page

              • Fulfilment tracking: enriched tracking restitution (tracking status and length of time since the last known position was recorded, information in the event that Private life mode has been activated, fulfilment start/end times)

              • Access to all visit fields in the Fulfilment page (List view)
              • Export of fulfilment data (statuses and visit dates/times, signature…)

               Enhancements in TourSolver Cloud

                User experience

                • Improved help with exploring functionalities for first time users, in Sample data mode
                • Indicators for pages in the process of loading (Home page, Optimization page)

                My resources page

                • Mobile app users: Image display on the page if no mobile app user has been created

                My visits page

                • At the launch of the optimization, reminder of the transportation mode (editable) defined previously in My activity page


                • Improved handling of calendar dates in the Optimization page

                • During the optimization process, in the window allowing to save the current simulation, the date choice is disabled when using real visits dates (from a calendar)
                • In case of no planned visit, the optimization results pages loads automatically on the "Not planned" list
                • Improved handling of route re-validation following route modification, with relay to the TourSolver Mobile app

                • Routes rendering enhancements in the map (opacity, side of the route if only one route is displayed)

                Fulfilment page

                • Routes rendering enhancements in the map (opacity, side of the route if only one route is displayed)

                 TourSolver Mobile New features

                TourSolver Mobile app version 1.2

                • Tracking of actions to declare start/end of visit fulfilment
                • New translations of the user interface into the following languages (in addition to French and English):
                  • Spanish
                  • Italian
                  • Japanese
                  • Simplified Chinese (China)
                  • Traditionnal Chinese (Taiwan)
                • Use of the system language (Android, iOS), to define the use of Cloud instances: World (hosted in Ireland) or China (hosted in China)
                • Publication of the app on the Apple App Store (for iPhone/iPad)

                 TourSolver Cloud API New features

                TourSolver Cloud API version 4.2

                • Option to send a route optimization request via the API without having to send all the resource’s data. In this case, the configuration of resources defined in TourSolver Cloud for the user account having an API key will serve as repository.
                • From TourSolver Cloud and an user account disposing of an API key, configuration of webhooks (automatic or manual) enabling transmission of the API results to a third party application via the API.
                • Automation of the sending of optimization results at the end of the process via utilisation of a pre-configured webhook.
                • From TourSolver Cloud and an user account disposing of an API key, in the Optimization page you can now export the results of an optimization run from the API manually, where a simulation has been modified and then saved; this export is based on a pre-configured webhook.
                • From TourSolver Cloud and an user account disposing of an API key, via the My resources page, there is now a function for specific costs calculation that can be applied to teams or to resources.
                • Authentication via tokens enabling integration of the TourSolver Cloud user interface in a third party application.

                Find out more about the API

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                Version 4.1

                Publication date: 16/10/2017

                 TourSolver Cloud New features

                User Experience

                • First utilisation: access some sample data in just ONE CLICK, use them to explore the application, and then reinitialise TourSolver to use the application with your own data
                  • Example data are available, in the form of a simulation that has already been optimized, on the Home page (103 visits, 3 resources, 4 days in the Ile-de-France)
                  • You can simulate import of these same data from the My visits tab, to view how fields are associated and see geolocated addresses and sites

                  My Resources page

                  • Mobile app users > Deleting a mobile app user: definitive deletion of an account if the user is using the mobile app only
                  • Mobile app users: add a mobile app user Name field, as a complement to their identifier (email address)

                  My Visits page

                  • Importing visits: if the visits file imported each time you use the software does not change in structure, the association of fields is saved in memory so any manual association is maintained

                  Fulfilment page

                  • New pages button (instead of tabs) allows you to navigate in the different fulfilment information viewing modes
                  • List of mobile user choices: display of the new Name field, instead of the identifier email address
                  • New Fulfilment tab in the visit form + description of the reason for a refusal / abandon of a visit
                  • Personalised form for non-visit issues such as departure/arrival, lunch break etc… )
                  • Fulfilment map view, showing the map of a route in progress, with visit fulfilment status and times, plus geolocation of the resource (last known position uploaded from the TourSolver Mobile app)

                  • Fulfilment Table view (also called Kanban) showing a table view of the route in progress, according to visit status

                  • Visit form: signature upload for a completed visit, following input via the TourSolver Mobile app

                  Configuration of the mobile app

                  • New Tracking section to configure geolocation tracking options for TourSolver Mobile app users (activation of tracking, access to Private mode, automatic tracking frequency, days and times for position collection…)

                  • New parameter to activate or not signature restitution for all visits

                  Creating an account

                  • Create an account form: the content of the FREE TRIAL form (from the site) is copied to new fields when creating an account

                    Enhancements in TourSolver Cloud


                  • Addition of a patience bar during loading of the recent simulations listing (table)

                  My Activity page

                  • Renaming of Vehicle type under "Means of transport" following addition of pedestrian mode
                  • List of sites/depots: Alphabetical sorting on the list

                  My resources

                  • Increase in the maximum number of characters for the Team name field
                  • Resource form > choice of mobile user: display of the new Name field instead of the identifier email address

                  Optimization page

                  • Unplanned: display of all known reasons for non-scheduling in the Reason column, when there are several reasons
                  • Planning (Gantt chart): addition of a patience when dragging-and-dropping a visit (during recalculation of routes + detection of infringement of constraints)
                  • Results > Validation: addition of an error message (blocking validation) if no active mobile user is associated to a resource

                   TourSolver Mobile New features

                  TourSolver Mobile app version 1.1

                  • Upload for geolocation tracking
                  • Access to a Private mode to temporarily de-activate collection of geographic position
                  • Signature input from the visit form

                  • Utilisation of the mobile device’s operating system language so data displayed in the visit form (constraints) is translated
                  • Addition of a Send button in the visit form, once the visit has terminated, if fulfilment times are edited or when sending a signature

                   TourSolver Cloud API New features

                  API TourSolver Cloud version 4.1

                  • Error code when a country code is not handled

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                  Version 4.0

                  Publication date: 31/07/2017

                   New features

                  Mobile application

                  New TourSolver Mobile app for the mobile resources, available on Google Play for Android devices.

                  The mobile app allows resources to interact with TourSolver: agenda, routes to fulfil, visit form, visit fulfilment status... The information is uploaded into TourSolver so fulfilment of visits can be consulted in real time, allowing supervisory action to be taken as required.

                  Find out more


                  A new Fulfilment page allows tracking of route fulfilment, in conjunction with the utilisation of the TourSolver Mobile app by resources completing visits in the field.

                  • Fulfilment list showing visits by mobile app user, indicating the fulfilment status of visits (Sent/Received/Accepted/Refused/Started/ Abandoned/Completed) as well as the start/end times of visit fulfilment as communicated from the mobile app

                  My resources

                  • Page for handling Mobile app users allowing you to create/edit mobile users associated to TourSolver resources, and associate identifiers (email addresses) / passwords so each user can log in from the mobile app.

                  • Configuring the mobile user directly from the resource form


                  • Validate simulation function authorising optimized routes to be made available to mobile app users and a notification email to be sent

                  Simulations list

                  • Simulation validation function authorising optimized routes to be made available to mobile app users and a notification email to be sent

                  Configuration of the mobile app

                  • From the menu of your user account, group configuration of the mobile app to apply for all users of TourSolver Mobile

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                  Version 3.0

                  Publication date: 10/07/2017

                   New features

                  Geographic coverage

                  TourSolver is now supported for 201 countries: that's 6.1 billion people!

                  In addition countries, archipelageos and islands of Oceania, and notably Australia and New Zealand, users in Japan are now part of the TourSolver community.

                  Countries list


                  • Management of dates in a calendar in the whole application complementary to the relative dating (day numbers)

                  My activity

                  • Pedestrian mode for route optimizations (available only in some geographic areas)

                  My resources

                  • Managing several resource teams

                  My visits

                  • Easier access for downloading sample datasets from My Visits page

                  • New constraints:
                    • Last visit date
                    • Visit frequency
                    • Minimum number of days between two visits

                  • Choice of team and resources at the start of the optimization

                  Optimization results

                  • Access to the Resource informations from the optimization result page


                  • Excel export with a map of the routes (only in a few countries - western Europe)

                  • iCal export of multi-days routes



                  • New version of the cartographic component: improved numbered visit and route display 

                  • User experience enhancements


                  • Single "?" menu grouping the discovery help, the documentation and FAQ, the input of opinion/grading, the access to the technical support

                  Route optimization

                  • Explicit messages in case of optimization error

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                  Version 2.2

                  Publication date: 03/03/2017

                   New features

                  Geographic coverage

                  TourSolver is now supported for 200 countries: that's 6 billion people!

                  In addition to the African continent and the Middle East, users in countries, archipelageos and islands of Oceania, and notably Australia and New Zealand, are now part of the TourSolver community.

                  My resources

                  • resource form: addition of extra telephone number fields

                  API TourSolver Cloud

                  • TourSolver Cloud API documentation - new examples of customers, JavaScript... 
                  • Automated creation of a simulation (explicitly named) run from the API in TourSolver Cloud
                  • Access to all optimization results run from the API in TourSolver's user interface 


                  • The TourSolver Cloud user license can now be consulted from the user interface, via the drop-down menu accessible under the name of the user in the application header bar (top right)


                  My activity

                  • Handling for terminology on sites in the site creation page

                  • Manage sites: larger input zones for easier keyboard input 

                  My resources

                  • New behaviour to facilitate saving and cancellation of modifications in a team or resource page

                  My visits

                  • Data import page: improved ergonomics for the accordion display so each section of the wizard can be rolled out as required

                  • Field association - error message in the event of non-matching Identifier fields  


                  Optimization results

                  • Indicators: addition of the number of unplanned visits + renaming of the number of routes and the number of visits 

                  • Gantt chart (planning for visits) > information popup displays the full visit title 

                  API TourSolver Cloud

                  • Explicit error messages where access to Microsoft Azure cloud services have been interrupted

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                  Version 2.1

                  Publication date: 10/01/2017

                   What's new

                  Geographic coverage

                  TourSolver is now supported in 161 countries: that's 6 billion people... 
                  In addition to India, and the Americas, users throughout the African continent and the Middle East are now part of the TourSolver user community. 


                  My activity > Managing sites or depots

                  • Management of sites or depots and associated characteristics and constraints 
                  • Optimization of multi-site and multi-depot sites

                  Optimization > Results

                  • Management of depots in the result page in the Optimization tab (map + depot name when reloading)
                  • A control has been added to display all routes, some routes or a single route in the map and in the list of route stops 
                  • Colour coding for routes (itinerary + route stops) in the map 
                  • Customisation of the colour of routes (itineraries + route stops) in the map 



                  • Online Help opens automatically the first time you display a page in the application 

                  My visits 

                  • Improved association of fields
                    • better and intelligent automated association of fields when importing visits 
                    • renaming of TourSolver constraints
                    • automatic controls for data validation
                    • new behaviour of the check-box present to the left of each field 
                    • display of cells in the Unique value column only for fields added manually (via the dedicated button) 

                  • Improved ergonomics for field mapping return on fields in the Geolocation step
                  • Handling of the "Depart to first visit" and "Arrival at last visit" constraints


                  • Geographic location of waiting times at the next stop 


                  • Deletion of the application's BETA logo at the bottom left of the page
                  • Position change for the version number into an information popup on the TourSolver logo at the top left of the application 

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                  Version 2.0

                  Publication date: 06/10/2016

                   What's new

                  Geographic coverage

                  TourSolver is supported in 91 countries: that's nearly 4.5 million people... 
                  In addition to China, India and the Americas (Northern, Central and South America and the Caribbean) users in these countries are now part of the TourSolver community... 

                  Step-by-step help

                  At any time, just click on the icon to display step-by-step help to guide you as you explore the current page: this way you get the infromation you need for the current step. It's fast, it's simple, it's TourSolver!

                  Advanced configuration of resources 

                  TourSolver also offers advanced configuration of business constraints on the managing of resources (vehicles and personnel) 

                  :Now you can customise your fleet characteristics while sticking closely to the specificities of your business in the following areas:

                  • Vehicles and accessibility 
                  • Team plannings 
                  • Routes (departure, arrival, minimum or maximum durations)
                  • Loading / Unloading in the case of a delivery or pick-up 
                  • Costs used subsequently during route optimisations 
                  • Nights away in the case of multi-day routes
                  • Drive-time and lunch-break times 

                  Route optimization

                  Optimization of routes over several days 

                  Optimization results, manual modifications to the roadbook 

                  • New display of the Gantt chart (visits planning) 
                  • Moving a step in the itinerary of a day 
                  •  Deletion of a step 
                  •  Reassignment of a step in another route 
                  •  Alerts on any overridden constraints following manual modification of routes
                  •  Reoptimization of the route or modified routes 

                  Monitoring / Account control

                  • Accounts monitoring with Apple Safari
                  • Accounts monitoring with Microsoft Edge
                  • Accounts monitoring with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

                   For developers

                  An API to optimise your routes from your application 

                  An API is now available so you can exploit the power of using TourSolver's route optimisation engine at the heart of your application, whether it is a   CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS, or any other application.

                  Click here to access the TourSolver API documentation and to test the API, create a TourSolver user account, and then contact us to obtain a key for the API.

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