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Below are the latest updates to feature TourSolver, the mobile app and the API:

TourSolver Summer 21 version

Release date: 2021/07/01


Giving customers the ability to plan their visit

As a customer I want to choose the time of visit according to my availability in order to be sure to be present on the day.
As a scheduler I automatically collect the availability of customers to reduce the time of treatment of customer calls.

Consult the portal

TourSolver allows premium users to provide an availability portal so that they can give their delivery preferences.

This portal can be activated in the configuration of the customer experience page accessible in the premium version.

Configure it

The associated parameters (go to "Configure customer experience pages"), allow you to keep total control! With the possibility to:

  • Create the slots (that customers will see) yourself
  • Set the maximum number of customers per slot
  • Limit the geographical perimeter.

List visiting slots

The customers' slot wishes are listed in a new view on the realization page. This view is exportable and can be used as a basis for re-optimization.

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Other improvements to the customer experience module

Addition of the visit refusal step

It is now possible to add a personalized "customer experience" page when a visit is cancelled by a member of the field team.

You can communicate the comment entered in the TourSolver mobile application by the resource. In order to explain to your customer the reasons for this cancellation (absence of the customer, impossible access etc..).
Finally, it is possible to add a reschedule button that allows your customer to reschedule this visit via the visit planning portal.

Graphic redesign

The customer experience steps configuration page has been redesigned for better readability.

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Improvements My activity page

Customize quantity name

As a planner I want to customize the quantity terms in TourSolver to understand the results more quickly.

It is now possible to customize the name of your quantities from the My Activity page. For example, if you work in a delivery business and you transport parcels, you can name "Quantity 1" (TourSolver's own term) as "Parcels". 

When you perform this action, the term will appear in all TourSolver pages (route, optimization, customer experience page) as well as in exports.

Export/Import organizations

It is now possible to export and import your organizations in order to speed up the integration process. When importing, TourSolver automatically geocodes your addresses, while when exporting it lists the geographical coordinates.

Improvements of the visit page

We have redesigned the import phase of the data to be optimized in TourSolver in order to offer you a smooth and faster user experience.

New page for importing visits

We have redesigned the visit import page. Its minimalist ergonomics allows you to directly upload a simple or more complete file template. We have added the definition of fields in Excel comments to facilitate the association with your data.

When your file contains a single tab, TourSolver now automatically moves to the next step to save precious seconds each time you use it.

New geocoding step

By default, TourSolver automatically geocodes your addresses if they are automatically detected. If not, a new interface is proposed to correctly associate the fields that allow geocoding.

It is also possible to geocode addresses contained in a single column.

New field association view

A new field association view appears with this version

  • TourSolver fields are now listed in a "Large menu" for better readability of the information,
  • The data can be updated in the table, however, these changes will not be saved in your next import,
  • The data to be corrected are represented in red. The inactive data are shown in grey.
  • Tips for corrections are given in the information tooltips

Optimize without association constraints

In case of an incomplete association or error we allow optimization by ignoring the fields in question.

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Improvements of the optimization page

Export a PowerPoint presentation 

In the Premium and Expert versions, it is possible to export an automatic report to PowerPoint, PowerPoint 365 or Google Slides. This report contains the following information 

  • Information on the quality of the location
  • Heat map (quantity, duration)
  • Distribution of customers by time slot, city, postal code, sector
  • Schedule in Gantt format, etc.


Export your Excel sheets to the Cloud

OneDrive (Microsoft)

We have implemented the Excel export to Suite 365. If you have a Microsoft 365 license, the Excel files are then stored in your OneDrive space.

Drive (Google) - available soon

We have implemented the Excel export to the Google Suite. If you have a Google license, the Excel files are then stored in your Drive space. 

Share your simulation via a URL

This new feature allows you to share your simulations with colleagues who do not have access to TourSolver: a management or another department for example.

Modify filters in progress

In this version, when you make a filter, it is possible to modify the filter criterion before having to rewrite it entirely.

See the fill rates in the Gantt view and in detail panel

We have added the notion of fill rate for all users who use quantities. This data appears in the Gantt view and also in the detail panel.

See the constraints of circulation of heavy goods vehicles on the map

From the map, a new layer allows to represent the sections with HGV restrictions.

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Improvement of fulfillment page

See the distances between visits

In this version we have added the possibility to load the distance between 2 steps in the list of steps on the fulfillment page.

Other improvements

Reschedule a refused visit

It is now possible to reschedule a visit that has been refused by the resource directly in the fulfillment page

Send the ETA after accepting visits in disorder

It is now possible to send an SMS or an email when a visit is accepted by the user of the TourSolver mobile application

Clients API

A new API to create and update clients is now available. We invite you to consult the API documentation for more details.

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Enjoy your summer ;)


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