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Below are the latest updates to feature TourSolver, the mobile app and the API:

TourSolver Spring 22 Version

Release date: April 30th, 2022



 All-new Dashboard page to monitor and measure activity

As a manager, I want to follow and measure the activity of my business, according to different filtering criteria.

As an administrator, I want to measure the usage of my application.

This feature is directly accessible from the main menu of the application.

 Access thematic dashboards that can be filtered according to the organization of the activity and a time period

We have added a new page completely dedicated to the visualization of indicators in thematic dashboards. Each indicator can be filtered according to the organization of the activity (organizations, teams) and according to different time periods (predefined periods and customized periods). Moreover, an advanced filter allows to select the resources according to their different criteria (name, means of transport, address...).

Dashboard for tracking field performance

This dashboard gives access to three indicators to measure the realization of the activity on the ground: total number of visits carried out, number of cancelled visits, number of visits carried out late.

Dashboard for monitoring visit times

This dashboard offers three indicators to describe the visits: actual visit duration, waiting time and number of rescheduled visits.

Dashboard for the follow-up of travel time

This dashboard presents three indicators to track trip information: driving time, total distance and number of planned routes.

Dashboard for measuring consumption

This dashboard highlights a series of indicators to measure the ecological impact of the activity: quantities of CO² rejected, total distance, quantity of fuel consumed, share of electric vehicles, quantity of electricity consumed.

Dashboard for planner users

This dashboard allows you to measure the use of the application through the monitoring of three indicators: number of connections to the application, number of simulations created, number of visits imported.

Dashboard for mobile users

This dashboard allows you to measure the use of the application through the monitoring of three indicators: number of connections to the application, number of simulations created, number of visits imported.

Daschboard for monitoring the evolution of indicators over time 

This dashboard allows you to display the evolution of the different indicators over time.

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Configure and display KPIs on the Homepage

As a company manager, I want to have a clear and quick view on some key indicators.

In this new version, it is now possible to select up to five indicators from a list of twelve, according to a certain time period.

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External document management

As a scheduler, I want to be able to associate a list of documents to a Client account.

As a planner, I want to be able to associate documents with visits and share them with my field resources.

This new functionality is available at several levels of the application: a general library accessible in the Configurations, documents related to the Clients, the association of documents to the Visits.

Import external documents using a dedicated library

In this version, we offer a new feature called Document Library. The purpose of this library is to provide external document management directly integrated into the TourSolver application and to extend the functionality of the application.

Accessible from the Configuration menu, the library allows you to import reference documents, manage them and use them in the Clients and Visits modules.

Any type of document can be imported, either from a local environment with a simple drag & drop, or from a cloud account. The interface then allows you to type and name the documents to find them easily. Filtering tools are also available.

Associating documents to Clients (premium)

Within the Clients module, a new Documents tab is now available for each client to reference documents related to this client. As for the library, it is possible to import documents from a local environment or from a cloud account. It is also possible to associate a document already imported in the general library.

Finally, the intervention reports generated in PDF format at the end of each visit will also be directly listed and available within the corresponding Customer Documents.

For each client's document, a Send option allows the document to be attached to the Route generated during a route creation.

Associating documents to Visits

From the My visits / My deliveries tab, it is possible to associate documents to visits.

When importing visits, all you have to do is fill in the Document reference column with the identifiers of the documents in the library that you want to link to visits

Exploiting documents in the mobile application

When sharing routes to mobile resources, the documents present within the routes can be directly consulted within the route record of the mobile application.

We can then find the documents listed by type and by name. The images are directly displayed and a button allows to download the documents directly on the mobile.


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Rescheduling of customer requests

As a scheduler, I want to be able to add a request for a rescheduled appointment directly into an existing route.

As a scheduler, I want to be able to easily add all rescheduled appointment requests into my next optimization.

In this new version, we wanted to strongly improve the use of rescheduled appointment requests in order to facilitate their reintegration into the operational schedule.

Reschedule a slot desired by a client within an existing route

From the list of rescheduled appointments in the Fulfillment page, it is now possible to easily and quickly integrate the requested slots into existing routes.

Import a list of slots desired by clients when creating routes

When importing visits/deliveries from the My Visits/My Deliveries page or from the Optimization page, it is now possible to add a selection of rescheduled slots.

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 Remplacement of My Activity page

In order to improve the use and setup of TourSolver, the information previously contained in the My Activity page has been reorganized into My Preferences and the Configuration menu.

Enhancement of the User Preferences

There are now three new tabs in the Preferences menu:

  • Activity tab that allows you to set up your activity: country, terminology, type of activity
  • Means of transport tab to set up a means of transport, a fuel type, as well as the speed profiles
  • Calculate the route tab which includes the global parameters of the optimization engine

Added configurations

The Configuration menu has been reorganized for better readability. It now allows you to Manage users, Manage depots, Manage organizations, Manage days off.

A walkthru guide allows users to quickly find the different options present in the My Activity page in previous versions.

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New driver mode

As a scheduler, I need to optimize my vehicles and then assign the available drivers on each vehicle route.

If this mode is activated in the User Preferences, new functionalities allow to differentiate between drivers (users of the mobile application) and vehicles (resources). For each vehicle route, it is then possible to assign a driver, according to his availability (working hours).

Adding work schedules on users

It is now possible to enter the working hours and days not worked for users of the mobile application. When a TourSolver user is declared as a user of the mobile application, two new tabs allow to fill in his schedule on the one hand and his non-working days on the other hand.

Assigning drivers on the result of planned routes

Within the Optimization page, the Routes window allows you to directly assign a driver for each route. The drivers' working hours are also displayed, which allows you to check availability. In case of inconsistency in the assignment, an alert is displayed.


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Other improvements

Improvements to the My Resources page

In order to continually improve the user experience, the My Resources page continues to improve:

  • Access to the information of a resource in a dedicated window by clicking on a line of the table. This way the information is quickly accessible and can be easily compared from one resource to another.
  • Resize the different windows.

Improvement of the My Depot page

The depots management page, now accessible from Manage my depots in Configuration, has been renewed in a form similar to the other management modules: table and map window.

New export functionality for simulations

From the Simulations list, accessible from the Home page, it is now possible to bulk export data from several simulations simultaneously.

Colorization of the Gantt schedule

From the Optimization page, it is now possible to apply the custom coloring of the Visits window to the Gantt schedule of the Routes window.

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 New in mobile app

Display of documents in the appointment sheet

As a field worker, I would like to access the documentary resources related to my visit (installation manual, contractual document...) directly from my mobile application.

In order to always improve and facilitate the realization of missions in the field, it is now possible to access external documents necessary for the visit directly from the mobile application.


From the TourSolver backoffice, the planner can choose to associate different types of documents (pdf, images, spreadsheet, text...) to the visits of a route.

The field resource can then find these documents directly in its mobile application, listed within the record of a visit.

The image/photos documents are directly visible in a visit file. The other documents are listed by type. A simple click allows the user to display them and/or download them on his mobile device.

Improvement on the Agenda

As a field worker, I always want to know where I am in my schedule.

We wanted to improve the user experience on a central page of the mobile application: the Agenda.

From now on, a timeline is displayed and positioned in real time in the Agenda.

This timeline allows the user to know the progress of his planning, but also of his visit to the customer.

Dynamic information has also been added:

  • The time until the start of the next appointment is displayed in real time
  • In case of delay (visit not started after the scheduled time), an orange alert is displayed on the visit in the Agenda

Other imporvements

We also wanted to make improvements directly related to feedback from users of the application.


  • Improved contrast and readability of text areas
  • Addition of a quick copy icon on the address field of a route
  • Navigation to the Tours directly from the map of a route
  • Improvement of the menu display in the route map

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