How can I shape my routing solutions?

To ensure every route is an optimum solution, use the three constraints in the My Resources page (or another term, depending on the default terminology applied or customized in the My Activity page) so that routes are constructed in the most intelligent way, ensuring smooth execution in the terrain:

  • Maximum daily distance for resources
    This forces TourSolver to schedule the maximum number of visits, while respecting a maximum number of visits not to exceed in any one day.


  • Costs per kilometer
    By applying kilometer costs based on defined distance thresholds, you will also condition the operation of the calculation engine so it applies smaller distances.


  • Start at first visit / End at last visit
    By defining the start point for the first visit, and/or by ending the route at the last visit, you will effectively configure TourSolver to choose the optimum departure point and/or arrival point.


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> Reference Guide for resource constraints

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