Home page - first login

    Once you have activated your user account, and are connected to the application with your identifier and password, the Home page displays:  

    This page provides two options for exploring the application.

    Option n°1: Use sample data

    The first button suggests you test TourSolver using ready-to-use sample data.

    Click on the button below to try out using the application with our sample data:

    Find out more

    Option n°2: Create your first simulation

    The button at the bottom of the page allows you to Create your first simulation.

    WARNING: once you have clicked on this button and run your first route optimization, you will no longer be able to access sample data via the Home page.

    This page briefly outlines 4 main steps you will need to master when using TourSolver:

    1. Step 1 - My activity
    2. Step 2 - My resources
    3. Step 3 - My visits
    4. Step 4 - Optimization

    Step 1 - My activity

    This first step will only be necessary the first time you use TourSolver. You will then be able to return to this page at any time to alter your selections defining the main features of your activity:

    • country in which you will be working and optimizing routes
    • business-specific vocabulary you want to use in TourSolver 
    • type(s) of vehicle used for your routes
    • optimization preferences
    • if needed, sites (such as depots or branch sites) are managed from this page

    Step 2 - My resources

    This second step creates your team in just a few clicks, and configures resources (both human resources and vehicles) and defines their characteristics (geolocation, schedules, etc) and business constraints. An advanced configuration allows you to adhere as closely as possible to the reality of how your business actually works. 

    Step 3 - My visits

    In the third stage you will:

    • import a visit file constructed using a template supplied with the application
    • choose a dataset for the application to process 
    • associate specific fields with TourSolver data, and locate addresses on a map 

    This step is therefore devoted to handling data relating to your customers.

    Step 4 - Optimization

    The fourth and final step in TourSolver is to optimize your routes:

    • the process of optimization may be tracked while data is being processed, with a series of indicators informing you about the computation as it takes place  
    • once optimization is complete, a summary of the optimization results presents economies achieved in terms of cost, distance, time and number of customers visited
    • finally, the first time you use TourSolver:
      • if you are using a trial version, a screen will display inviting you to request access to the full version
      • if you already have the full version, the results summary page displays and allows you to exploit the optimized routes with full consultation, editing and export rights. 

    Your first simulation 

    Once you have explored these first 4 steps in TourSolver, click on step 1 or on the button at the bottom of the page to run and start configuring your first simulation. 

    In-line Help

    When you first use TourSolver, in-line Help displays automatically at each stage of your working, so you just have to act on the key points: take care, though, to configure your data as you let yourself be guided in a learning tour of the application.  

    Example of contextual help in the My activity step

    Example of contextual help in the My Resources step

    Access contextual help at any time by clicking on the "?" icon at the top right of the screen.

    All done! You are ready to go...


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