Why do I have "Visit waiting times" in my planning?

In the Optimization page, you can see a series of Visit waiting times in the plannings of your routes, except at the start of the route, or in the course of routes before a visit.

Several explanations are possible:

- if the Visit waiting time is present at the start of the route: the resource’s start time is too early in relation to the visit opening time. In this case, use the Automated start time constraint to adjust the resource’s start time;
- if the Visit waiting time is present during the route before a visit: the resource has arrived at the visit location but must wait until the opening time to fulfil the visit.

TourSolver will always try to reduce these Visit waiting times to achieve the best possible route optimizations. Caution: a resource’s Hourly cost that is set too low may give rise to longer Visit waiting times.

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