Should I use relative days or dates?

There are two possible case scenarios:

Relative date stamping (day numbers)

  • If you use the same route repeatedly for a regular scheduled route plan, it will be preferable to use relative dates values (1,2,3,4,5) for your visiting dates.

Absolute date stamping (calendar dates)

  • Conversely, if your business activity requires resources to undertake different routes and/or you are using TourSolver Mobile, it will be more practical to use calendar dates (25/09/2017,26/09/2017,27/09/2017,28/09/2017,29/09/2017).

 Warning: whether you use relative days or calendar dates, all the constraints using days (if they are used) must be in the same format.

Recap on constraints using relative days or dates:

  • Opening days (My sites)
  • Worked days (My resources)
  • Possible days (My visits)

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