How can I see which version of TourSolver mobile app is installed?

Basic principles

Once the TourSolver mobile app has been installed on your mobile device, you can check which version is installed at any time:


From the TourSolver app

Run TourSolver mobile app and the version of the app displays:

  • in the login page
  • in the app settings page

Login page

The version number displays under the name of the app in the login page.

Settings page

In the Home page, click on the menu at the top left of the screen, and then choose Settings. The version number displays in the About dialogue in the settings page.

Using Android settings

From your Android mobile device (smartphone, tablet) select Settings, then in the Device section, choose Apps, and then select TourSolver mobile in the list of apps.

The version number displays in the TourSolver mobile app settings page under the application name.

Happy TourSolving!

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