How can I define my visit priorities?

In the My visits page, you can define a outsourcing cost. This constraint allows you to specify that an order can be fulfilled by an external messaging service. The optimization engine calculates whether it is more cost-effective to send the order via this service, or to insert a route in the optimized schedule. This means you can prioritise some visits by assigning a high messaging cost, or conversely, assign a low messaging cost to ensure visits fall low on the priority list, and are even rejected from the optimization if necessary. Any visits that are not included in the optimization are stored in the list of unplanned appointments.

For example, suppose you have 4 visits (A, B, C, D) which you know cannot all be included in the scheduling of your route. In addition, you know it is essential to fulfil visit B as part of the route. In this case, you can assign a outsourcing cost of 250 to visit B, and of 50 to the other visits.

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