Download a sample visits file

Perhaps you don’t yet have a dataset suited for use with TourSolver? Download and use this empty file template, and fill in the columns with some sample data. Be sure to respect the formatting advice given.

Download from TourSolver Cloud

Once connected to TourSolver, you will be prompted to explore TourSolver by downloading a sample visits file. To do this, go into the My visits tab (this can be renamed to match your own vocabulary for visits as set up in the My activity tab):

  1. Click on the Download a visit file template link:

Download from this page

You can also download the sample client data file here:

Download the visits file template (Excel format) Download the CSV format file template

  1. Save the Visits Template.xlsx file in your chosen folder and open it in your spreadsheet application (Excel, Libre Office, Open Office, Google Drive).

This file contains a series of columns you can fill in with data needed by TourSolver:

Here you will find information recorded about clients to visit and details of client addresses that will be used for geographic localisation, along with the constraints to respect when routes are optimised.

The first line of data is filled with sample values, so you can see the exact format in which data must be entered.

  1. Fill in the table with your business data
  2. Remember to delete the first line of data that has been pre-filled by way of example
  3. Finally, save your file of data and exit from the spreadsheet application

Now you can Drag-and-Drop (from your file explorer) or import your file of clients into TourSolver, while remaining in the My visits tab (remember this tab may have been renamed if the terminology has been edited in the My activity tab).

Happy TourSolving!

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