geo-optimization made simple!

Define realistic and profitable route plans for your delivery staff, technicians, sales people, auditors…

The route optimization solution in the cloud

Simple to use

Available for immediate use, online help, intuitive interface

100% cloud

Automatic updates, secure data


Assisted configuration of constraints (business activity, resources, visits)


Between 10 and 30% higher productivity, lower operating costs

A turnkey web solution

Go online, via your browser: define your business, drag and drop your file and let TourSolver optimise your route plan.

Never before has route optimization been so accessible, simple, quick and efficient..

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A customized interface

Visits, calls, deliveries, pick-ups…

Thanks to its customizable interface, TourSolver adapts to your business.

You configure your activity when you first go online and the application speaks your language.

Optimization of ground truth

TourSolver takes account of all your constraints: visit times, working hours, break times, fleet capacity, quantities to be delivered, skills, geographical constraints…

The routes generated are relevant and realistic!

Rapid ROI at every level

With its powerful optimization algorithms, TourSolver defines the optimal sequencing of your routes.

The improvements are quick and consistent:

Between 10 and 30% higher productivity

          More visits
Better customer service
            Optimized vehicle loading
                                                      Automatic adjustment of fleet size

Operating costs cut by 15%

Lower mileage                               Shorter scheduling time
                Shorter call times      Reduction in down-time
      Lower fuel costs                                            Lower CO2 emissions

Built-in savings simulator

TourSolver makes easy work of displaying your current route plan and optimizes it to calculate the improvements achieved.

Test it with your data on a specific case and measure the benefits in terms of time, distance and cost.

Evaluate your current routes! 

The advantages of a cloud solution

No need to install an application, keep it regularly updated, administer a server, manage a database or access rights...

Welcome to TourSolver, your ready-to-use SaaS!

They use TourSolver

The product of more than 25 years’ experience in the geo-optimization arena, TourSolver is based on innovative and powerful technologies tried and tested by numerous companies throughout the world.

Oxygen distribution

“We have applied TourSolver to all our activities, especially for home delivery.”

Industrial planning

“The tool is very quick to pick up. It is intuitive. Anyone can use TourSolver, as it is very user-friendly.”

Newspaper distribution

“The very first challenge for a press business is timely delivery of its products. This challenge is now met with TourSolver!”

Local distribution

“The investment paid for itself in just a few weeks. Over a year 150,000 euros of savings were made.”

Carriage of tray meals

"TourSolver has automated the planning process and made it reliable. This has contributed to our overall efficiency and the company’s sustainability.”

Carriage of tray meals

"TourSolver has automated the planning process and made it reliable. This has contributed to our overall efficiency and the company’s sustainability.”

Pharmaceutical laboratory

“The software increases our efficiency by helping re-plan our sales territories taking into consideration all of the geographical data.”

Carriage of tray meals

“TourSolver optimises our delivery staff’s routes and sticks to our customers’ delivery slots, which are sometimes tight.”

TourSolver, geographical optimization made simple!

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